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Discover Florence by its typical market!

mercato-centraleOne of the best way, especially if you rent an apartment, to discover Florence is to take a walk in its wonderful and colorful markets. It’s an incredible experience and it costs nothing (unless you let groped)! The Florentine markets are the most typical thing that you can find in town, because they are essentially frequented by the Florentines themselves. Keep in mind that, if you live in a rented apartment, the best thing for you is buying your meals in one of these markets. The quality of food and great prices make them the best choice in town!

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Studying Abroad in Florence!!!

Palazzo VecchioAre you bored of what you see on our friends’ Facebook pages? Are you bored, envious or maybe curious? Pictures of beautiful Italian architecture, exquisite meals, and breathtaking, picturesque sights are not all there is to experience while studying abroad. Yes, you’re looking for something more! You are looking for a unique experience! An experience you will not easily forget and which will accompany you throughout your life.

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Homecooking in Florence. What a wonderful experience!

tuscan-cuisineHave you ever thought that living in an apartment in Florence, can give you the opportunity to have a well-equipped kitchen where you can try all the local recipes? Read More

Student in Florence? Why don’t you try to live in a florentine’s own apartment?

Lungarno-UffiziEveryone knows the beauties and treasures of Florence. Yet when you live there, the experience can vary from person to person. Living in Florence has it benefits and drawbacks, but what matter is your well-being!

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Grazie mille, Adriana by Rebecca Bricker

FireplaceIt wasn’t long after I met Adriana Vermi, owner of Tuscan Feeling, that I knew I had found my Italian soul sister.

I found her – and this website – on a Google search as I hatched a plan to move to Italy for a year. I was a single mom fleeing an empty nest after my only child went off to college. Actually, I had sold the nest and much of what was in it. It was a bold move, leaving behind the life I had known for 22 years in Pasadena, California. But I was feeling blissfully weightless and ready for adventure. I’m a writer and for years, it had been my dream to live in another country and write about my travels.

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Santa Croce: The right place for a winning real estate investment in Florence

Santa CroceDante Alighieri, from its wonderful marble pedestal, grimly observes the comings and goings of the Florentines and tourists. Whether it rains or it’s a beautiful sunny day, his gaze seems to follow anyone steps from the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce.

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Immersing yourself in Florence

S.Croce-windowAs the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence still possesses a creative and passionate energy at its core. For that reason, Florence is a city that you have to fully embrace. You have to try to not be influenced by other people’s ideas about the city and to live the city for yourself. Florence is not a city that you can understand by reading about in a travel guide or even by visiting a few times. Florence is a city you have to breathe in and out. It’s a city that you have to experience with all of your senses.

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Want to live the Tuscan dream? First, you need Tuscan Feeling to rescue you from the rental nightmare

farmhouseWhen I began to look for a sabbatical rental around Florence, my blood pressure rose in inverse proportion to my faith, hope and funds. At night in Hotel David (if you can get a reservation, the perfect HQ/chill-zone for property hunters) I faced a quandary.

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Lisa Condie – A new life in Florence

Duomo-FlorenceCiao! I am Lisa Condie a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, now living in Florence, Italy.

In 2012, I sold my home and most of what was in it (including 37 pairs of designer shoes!), left my business, retired my aerobic shoes, said goodbye to friends and family and headed for Tuscany.

Why? Because on a trip to Italy with my daughter, I’d felt something here I hadn’t felt in a very long time… JOY! And I wanted to feel more of it.

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The other side of Florence

Oltrarno-piazza-santo-spiritoOltrarno! Someone call it the ‘Other side of Florence’.

There’s something true. It’s the popular side of the Renaissance capital, the place where the tradition is still alive. The place where you can find craftsmen and artists still working in their dusty shops. Oltrarno  is also one of the most picturesque corners of the Tuscan capital; passional and charming. If you are going to visit Florence, do not miss that corner beyond the river Arno.

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